Inclusive Education for Special Children

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education though it is a known concept in Western World but in our community; it is a rare concept.  Our Educationists always think about curriculum, methodologies and literacy rates enhancement but unfortunately a group which may be called special children, physically disabled or mentally challenged are not addressed. 

When we claim “Education for all” then how can we neglect special children in our Education/School System? There is no such mechanism with Education Department to address the issues of special children.  They have mental issues, psychological problems; behavioral issues, physical challenges, whether our formal teacher can handle them.  The answer is no.  No physiotherapist, no behavioral therapists in our school system.  All such children are either at home or unable to be educated with normal children, leaving schools and burden for parents and the society.  Over 10 – 15% of population is disabled, then 3 – 4% of special children; while keeping them out from school system.  How can we claim; “Education for all”? 

Our private and public schools while enrolling hundreds of children cannot provide a special environment and above mentioned specialists for a ten or twenty special children.  It needs commitment; which is rare.

There is a concept of Special Education Institutions in the country which was initiated by the President Zia ul Haque (late); being her own child as special or mentally impaired.  He launched 36 of such institutions throughout the country but even then they are not fruitful because in special education schools, such children are kept in segregation and they are of inferiority complex, not any interaction with the normal children, so they may behave like abnormal throughout their life.  For them, more the expertise are also not available like qualified physiotherapists, psychologists etc.  The social inclusion and rehabilitation are not encouraging in these special schools. 

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, being an expert in rehabilitation of disabled, In the year 2016, initiated First Inclusive School in Peshawar – Khushal Bagh Public School, Warsak Road, Peshawar; where 22 special children are enrolled with 250 normal children.  We have included the services of physiotherapist, psychologist, speech therapist and special educator in our school by providing special environment and necessary tools.  It is the first ever school in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and very successful model; where the special children are rehabilitated and behaving like the normal children.  It is a great success; the children with autism, learning disability, mild mentally and physically challenged are enrolled and getting rehabilitation, education and playing with normal children.  It is a success story and I hope the Government will replicate this model for the interest of community and our country men at large.

Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman

Our Vision

The institute is a step ahead in the provision of an intellectual environment for innovative teaching, learning and research in the field of Physical therapy and Rehabilitation. It will produce competent, critical, reflective and accountable health care professionals to work in the community. ”.

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