The Habib Physiotherapy Complex (MAHBOOB MEDICAL INSTITUTE)

           Established in 1989 a Physio-Care Free Polio Unit, with provision of FREE FACILITIES for POLIO EFFECTED CHILDREN 
           Got Registered in November 1992 with Government of N. W. F. P. Social Welfare Directorate 

           Recognized Institute affiliated with Medical Faculty and Skill Development - N. W. F. P. since 2000

     Currently Available Facilities
          The First-ever Hospital (in-door and out-door) for Monoplegics, Hemiplegics, Paraplegics, Polio, Bomb Blast Injuries Patients

          Audiology Clinic
          Speech Therapy Clinic
          Orthopedic Workshop
          Special Children Unit

The Mahboob College of Physiotherapy - 2007
(Department of Gandhara University - Peshawar)
(Affiliated with Khyber Medical University - Peshawar)
The Pioneer Institute in the Province for Physiotherapy Disciplines

           Established in the year 2007
          Initially started B. S. Physiotherapy Courses

          Now we offer:
 1. D. P. T. - Doctor of Physiotherapy (5 years Program)
                                           2. Post Professional Doctor of Physiotherapy (2 Year Program)
                                           3. A. DPT
                                           4. Degree in Medical Lab Technology (4 years)
                                           5. Degree in Prosthetics & Orthotics (4 years)
                                           6. Diploma in Physiotherapy (2 years)
                                           7. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (2 years)
                                           8. Diploma in Prosthetics & Orthotics (2 years)

Our Vision

Habib Physiotherapy Complex Envisioned “a society where human rights are respected and protected based on social justice, peace and harmony in Pakistan”.

Contact Us

Habib Physiotherapy Complex
Sector B - 2, Phase - 5 HayatAbad, Peshawar, Pakistan.
Tel: +92 - 91 - 5819128
Fax: +92 - 334 - 907 1388